Monday, January 17, 2011


I am on the staff for literature magazine Halfway Down the Stairs, so this post will be a shameless use of this space for HDtS-promotion!

1. You should visit it. I really think it's worth reading.

2. You should submit your own work, if you are a writing type of person. See our submissions page for guidelines. Our next issue is "Haunted" - plenty of scope for creativity! - and it comes out on March 1. Deadline for submissions is February 15.

3. If you are a poet, a fan of poetry, or know someone who is - we are looking for a new poetry editor!
This is a volunteer position which requires processing of poetry submissions, and contribution to the 'zine at least twice a year in any genre. It will also probably involve critiquing within the editorial team of personal work. Applications should be sent to inquiries at halfwaydownthestairs dot net, containing at least three examples of your work (at least two of which must be poetry). Previous publication is not necessary (though a bonus).

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